Monday, June 29, 2015

က်​ေနာ္​ဒီတစ္​ခါတင္​​ေပးမွာက​ေတာ့ ဖုန္​းရဲ႕ Back Key ,
Menu Key , Home Key ​ေတြပ်က္မွာစိုးရိမ္​တဲ့သူ​ေတြ
အတြက္​ ဖုန္​း Screen ​ေပၚက​ေန Key ​ေတြကိုသံုးလို႔ရ
တဲ့ Apk ​ေလးျဖစ္​ပါတယ္​ ။ 
File Size 612 KB
Version  23.2
Apk Name `` Ultimate Dynamic Navbar ´´
♪ Description
Have you ever thought how many space on screen is wasted because of navbar? This app is made to fix this!
Ultimate Dynamic Navbar hides real navigation bar and replaces it with own customizable panel that hides itself automatically.
You can access this panel by swipe from bottom edge of the screen(or by another trigger action).
♪ Features:-
Hides just navigation bar and keeps notifications bar.
- Customizable button layout and longpress actions on every button. Add up to 9 buttons to the panel!
- Customize look and behavior of UDN's panel with themes, transparency levels, editable height of the panel, glow animations,etc.
- Tiny RAM consumption.( ~< 10MB of RAM)- Active support by me :)
Ultimate Dynamic Navbar DOWNLOAD HERE 
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