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Huawei cell phone Minimum system recovery tool + SD card upgrade Operating Instructions
Applicable models: H30-T00, H30-T10, H30-U10, G750-T00, G730-T00, G730-U00, G610-T11, G610-U00, G610-T00, G520-5000, G520-T10, G700- T00, G700-U00
Note: Do not use the phone if the normal Try this tool, which applies only to the phone to save the brick operations.

1 Installing the USB driver
Road King driver installation package:
Under Toolkit directory: \ driver \ Handset WinDriver_win7_64_20140411.rar
After unpacking double-click the following DriverSetup.exe can drive to install itself in the background does not boot.

After a successful installation the following screen will be displayed. Click OK.

2 Mirror Writing
1) Do not connect your phone and computer, double-Kit "Minimum system recovery tools .exe", different computers landing time different, if the time is longer, please be patient

2) After the main screen appears, choose to program the phone model (eg H30-T00)

3) Click "Start"
4) Re-install the battery cell phone and computer via a USB connection, which began programming, programming after the success of the following theme:

If there is no tool more than one minute after the phone interface is connected up to any changes, please try to do the following
According to the above 1) -> 2) -> 3) -> 4) steps to try several times
If that does not work, view the following preloader Click the Start button in step 3) after the port in Device Manager appears, if no driver is not installed you need to re-install the driver.

3 SD card upgrade ready
1) You want to download the brush into the ROM firmware package.
2) Prepare a microSD card, confirm formatted as FAT32.
3) created under the root directory of the microSD card dload [a] folder.
4) The software upgrade package plus compression, the package "UPDATA.APP" copy to microSD card] [dload folder. Insert the microSD card into the phone.
5) before upgrading the software, check the battery power, make sure the battery is more than 20%

4 mandatory upgrade
1) Disconnect the phone with a computer or other device (such as a charger) is connected, the battery again.
2) Press and hold the volume up and down keys, then press the power button.
3) boot screen came out, release the power button and continue holding down the volume up and down key until you enter the following upgrade interface and then release the volume up and down keys. The upgrade process takes about 3 minutes. During the upgrade process, do not remove the battery, we recommend that you do not do anything, just wait


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